The IGL Online Madden League will be a tournament series hosted weekly on Sundays throughout the year leading up to Nola Gaming Festival 2018. Each tournament will have prizes for 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th place competitors. All competitors must be registered users on, all player will be in the same brackets and will also have the option to compete online from home or come to the venue an play on our consoles!


At the venue we will be providing multiple PlayStation set ups for players to compete with each other onsite and online.On stage will be our streaming set up host & commentators providing you with all day live entertainment Our staff will be there every step of the way to walk everyone through the process of competing in a online/offline tournament!

The Carver Theater has dedicated there venue on this day for all competitors and spectators for our league.There will be discounted food & beverages for all players throughout the day. We will be airing all your favorite Sunday football games all day so you wont miss a down! 

 Players competing from the venue can also take part in a few FREE mini games for prizes  provided by our sponsors.