How does it work?
The IGL Fall Series will be ran through eezers.com . All events will be live streamed and players will now be allowed to compete either online at home or at each venue. For the first time ever a player can play against the players at a live event without leaving the house.Throughout the season we are scheduling a minimum of two live events a month but we stand ready to accommodate more based on demand. We will also be offering weekly tournaments in which gamers will compete for prizes and League Points on our website.  You can find all tournament streams on our website igltournaments.com This feature allows the players and teams to interact with our hosts and staff throughout the process of the tournament. By setting up multiple weekly online tournaments this allows players and teams with busy schedules receive multiple opportunities to compete for League Points and prizes with an eventual grand prize to compete for at the end of the season.
League Points are issued through our website platform based on performance of all tournaments played throughout the season. Points are also issued to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers of all tournaments. The ranking system is maintained throughout the season using the amount of points a player accumulates from all tournaments.The rankings are calculated utilizing a form of the Elo ranking system which is designed to calculate rank in a balanced and competitive manner to help determine who the most skilled players & teams competing in the respective tournament and/or event. There will be trophies & prizes awarded given to the top ranking league players as well as a yearly Cash Grand prize for the 1st place overall players & teams. The Grand Prize starts at $1000 and increases with the amount of tournament entries accumulated throughout each month. The end of the season concludes with a massive event called NOLA Gaming Fest which is our super bowl of gaming. The prize total for this event is divided up and issued to the top 3 teams in the League for the respective year of competition.