Code of Conduct

The Independent Gaming League is a family and friend oriented event, and we would like all attendees of our events to have fun and be safe. The main rule is “be polite and friendly;” the rest is just clarification.

Harassment: Independent Gaming League does not tolerate harassment of any kind, be it based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, height, weight, planet of origin, or any other physical or civilized beliefs. This goes for all attendees, guests, panelists, staff, and/or company/venue employees. Harassment is defined as derogatory comments, stalking, aggressive behavior, unnecessary intentional physical blocking of others, or altercations of any sort. If you believe you have been a victim of harassment, please find an Independent Gaming League staff member as soon at it occurs. If you are unable to find a staff member or you are not satisfied with how that staff member handles the situation.

General Rules

  • No one under the age of 13 will be allowed to attend without a paid parent or legal guardian registrant accompanying him/her at all times; no one under the age of 18 should attend without consent from a parent or legal guardian.
  • Please do not damage the event space. We like the venue and the venue likes us, and we want to keep it that way. This includes painting or sketching on walls, slamming doors, etc. Please do not hang any flyers on any wall or other surface of the event space.
  • Please wear your attendee wristband so that they are clearly visible at all times.
  • Some hallways may have tape on the floor to indicate “traffic lanes” (where we need to keep moving), “parking areas” (where we can stand and hang out), “caution areas” (where we need to keep moving/be careful, i.e. tops and bottoms of escalators), “restricted areas” (where we should only be for a specific purpose), and “photo areas” (where you can take pictures) are. Please keep an eye out for this tape and respect any Independent Gaming League or venue staffer who is trying to keep the hallways moving and doorways clear.
  • The Independent Gaming League and the venue are not responsible for missing items. Any bag(s) or other item left unattended around the event space will likely be picked up by either a Independent Gaming League staffer or another attendee and be taken to Registration.
  • Please don’t run, play tag, or throw things inside the event space. Also, please don’t carry a radio, iPod, or other device that is playing music at a loud volume (only you should be able to hear it).
  • The Independent Gaming League reserves the right to refuse admission to any individual and to eject persons from the event locations.
  • Don't mess with things that aren't yours.
  • Don't Steal. If you are caught stealing, you will be escorted from the venue by the on-duty police officer.
  • Don't fight or otherwise engage in an action that could bring physical harm to yourself or others.
  • Don't cheat. If you are caught cheating in a competitive setting, you will ejected from the event and banned from future competitions.

Cosplay Prop Guidelines

To ensure the general safety of Independent Gaming League’s attendees, we can’t allow people to carry the following types of weapons or cosplay props:

  • Live steel of any kind, including knives, swords, axes, martial arts equipment, shurikens, etc.
  • Any other type of bladed weapon.
  • Any weapon/prop that can currently, or could in the past, shoot a projectile (“projectile” includes water, aerosols/sprays, Airsoft guns with/without ammo or air, toy bows, etc.)
  • Anything generally awkward to carry, or that can’t be controlled by the person carrying (i.e., it is so heavy, you are consistently dropping it in the hallway, or cannot keep it from swinging into other attendees). Independent Gaming League staff will be the final determinant as to whether something is too awkward or too dangerous to be carried around the event.

Dress Code

While Independent Gaming League does not have a dress code of our own, we strongly support the wishes of our venues.

  • All Attendees must have their private areas covered at all times.
  • Material must extend at least one (1) inch above the nipple and below/to the sides of the breast, and at least one (1) inch above the pubic area and below the crotch/buttocks.
  • This coverage must remain in place while moving/bending/posing/etc., so if your cosplay (or street clothes) rides up/down, please extend it, find a way to secure it, or wear something under it.
  • Shirt coverings must be worn at all times, by both sexes.
  • Mesh shirts are allowed if they provide the require coverage of sensitive areas.
  • Tape over the nipples will not suffice.
  • Capes will not be accepted in place of shirts – if you’re wearing one, please wear a shirt underneath.