2019 Youth Gaming League

More info coming soon!


  • All students must register for their own account on

  • All Tournaments are FREE to enter for students K-12th grade

  • All students must create team to register in any tournaments

  • Team Tournaments can be either be hosted online, offline or both

  • All players can compete in challenges to earn extra League points.

  • At the end of Youth League season a $1,000 Scholarship stipend and trophy is granted awarded to the top overall gamer presented at Nola Gaming Festival


League Points are issued through our custom website platform ( and are based on performance of all tournaments and challenges played throughout the season.

Points are also issued to 1st, 2nd 3rd 4th,5th and 6th place finishers of all tournaments. The ranking system is maintained throughout the season using the amount of points each player accumulates from all tournaments.

To start a Youth eSports Multiplayer  Team, we need the following:

  1. We need a coach or advisor who will be able to keep up with student tournaments and events, to be able to allow or not allow their students to play for the team. If organization can not find an advisor to help with the team they may elect a student representative they feel is capable  to organize and give them access to add player to tournaments and event.


  1. Players from any school, grade K-12, can join any non-profit organization but may only be apart of one (1) organization at a time. All students can register an account on the site ( at anytime. Students will send a request to your team to be added to your active roster that initiates access to play in tournaments you select. We offer a variety of game play genres and encourage all types of students to join!


  1. Once your team is up and running, you can delegate leadership and work on team building activities as well as streaming. IGL Foundation and Microsoft will be available for help at any point via phone, email or scheduled visits.


  1. 4. Prizes can vary during major events Money for schools program, computer equipment, student scholarship stipends, gift cards, tickets etc. After sign up, we will need you to answer our questionnaire on how your team will receive Prize so that we know how to execute if awarded.